Wailers Fundraising for WFP in Ethiopia

July 12, 2016

Since 2008, The Wailers have partnered with WFP USA donating funds to improve nutrition, health and educational opportunities for those in greatest need around the world.   Rrecently the band launched a Wailers fundraising microsite through World Food Program USA to raise funds for Ethiopia.  The address is:  wfpusa.org/thewailers  to make a donation, or you can text WAILERS to 27722 to donate $5 to WFP USA.

Today, the Wailers are prioritizing the Ethiopian drought that has put millions of people at risk of hunger. Donations received will go to to WFP’s programs in Ethiopia, providing essential nutritious food to families. This year of 2016, feeding the number of Ethiopian families is akin to feeding the entire population of Florida every single day — but over an area six times its size.

Humanitarian needs in Ethiopia have tripled since early 2015 as severe drought, exacerbated by the strongest El Nino in decades, has caused successive harvest failures and widespread livestock deaths. Malnutrition rates have risen sharply, and as a result, more than 10 million people now require emergency food assistance just to survive.

Right now, WFP is doing whatever it takes to rush food and humanitarian aid to 7.6 million of those most affected by the drought. In partnership with the government of Ethiopia, WFP is providing special nutritional supplements to 2.2 million pregnant and nursing mothers and children under the age of five. In addition, WFP plans to provide hot meals to more than 600,000 Ethiopian school children in 2016 through its School Meals program.

WFP is also working to ensure sustainability on the ground, by strengthening the capacity of smallholder farmers. This year, WFP is purchasing more than 40,000 tons of maize from local farmers to supply the School Meals program, cutting the cost of importing food and boosting the local economy.

As women, children and families suffer through this drought, compassion has never been more meaningful — the Wailers understand this. As rates of hunger and malnutrition become imminent, joining the Wailers in their support will permit Ethiopian families to have food on their table and allow them to be more resilient.

Visit wfpusa.org/thewailers  to make a donation, or text WAILERS to 27722 to donate $5 to WFP USA.